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With a journal from The Elyzabeth Collection you will get a customized experience from my hands to yours.

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The Elyzabeth Collection

As a child, I was a big fan of writing, jotting down notes and having something tangible to write my thoughts in. Something I could fill up, have a concrete finish line. To this day, I’ve kept all of my childhood musings in an attempt to preserve my own history.

Over the years, I’v developed an unending passion for crafting. I realized that creating a notebook, in my own style, and my love of buttons, is something that I just had to do. That’s how The Elyzabeth Collection was formed.

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The Collection is filled with different colors, page patterns, and reading gifts for the book lover.

Also, A Scholar Review is my blog where I share my writings, experiences and book reviews.


Customized Journals

Several Color and Page Options
Journals in Black, Brown, White, Cork and Red
Page Patterns: Line, Blank, Grid


BookMarks for the Book Lover
Handmade book mark combos

coming soon!


Passport Holders

Passport Transporters
Passport holders and wallets

coming soon!


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Jade Elyzabeth

I’m a writer, avid reader, and a mom.

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